How Tracts Will Help Your Company

With Tracts You Will:
  • Make informed decisions faster –  Raw data is turned into accurate, usable data in half the time.
  • Cut project costs in half – Take unnecessary tasks off your team’s plate.
  • Increase quality opportunities – Evaluate twice the opportunities and choose the strongest options.
  • Track progress in real-time – View up-to-the-minute reports and know where your project stands at all times.
  • Be in control of your information – Own data as it is processed instead of waiting for the final product.
  • Have information at your fingertips – Access organized files 24/7 in account data room.
  • Increase collaboration and eliminate redundancy – Projects completed in a centralized cloud based project file
Tracts Eliminates:
  • Missed opportunities due to prolonged due diligence.
  • Over-extended budgets limiting resources to devote towards additional projects.
  • Reduction in projects due to current market and budget cuts.
  • Undefined deadlines, no oversight and lack of full understanding of status.
  • Reliance on partners handling all proprietary company information until project is complete.
  • Waiting for answers while colleagues scour their personal computer files or filing cabinets.
  • Rebuilding the title chain and recalculating math that’s been done by other partners.
With Tracts You Will:
  • Become more accurate and efficient –  Mineral and leasehold interests are calculated automatically as you enter interpreted data.
  • Eliminate clipboards, notecards and spreadsheets – Record all instruments electronically into the cloud.
  • Never have to draw a flowchart again – Ownership flowcharts auto-drawn, making visualization a breeze.
  • Out-produce your peers – Runsheets and other reports are generated in real-time.
  • Build your client list – Double your output and free up time to gain the business of additional clients.
  • Gain referral and repeat business – Impress your clients with unmatched speed and accuracy.
With Tracts You Will:
  • Offer more competitive pricing to clients – Reduce the resources needed to create a title opinion
  • Eliminate time consuming redundant processes and “grunt work“ – Quick check instruments and reports with PDFs attached to the flowchart.
  • Deliver more accurate and higher quality work – View source documents as you review and mark requirements directly into master file. is a forward-thinking company, passionate about bringing technology and innovation to the E&P industry. Our proprietary tool was developed to solve inefficiencies in our industry while keeping an eye on the future of land acquisition technology. is built by a team of developers with decades of experience running title and developing software. We believe there is no one more qualified to offer a solution as innovative and robust as

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