Designed To Put You In Control

Tracts is the first and only title management platform that uses auto-calculation to instantly solve complex ownership and distribute dynamic data across your organization, significantly mitigating asset risk for Mineral Buyers and E&Ps.

Control Speed

Generate clear marketable title faster than ever before.

Tracts turns raw data into accurate, usable data in half the time. This allows you to evaluate twice the opportunities and choose the strongest options.

Control Cost

Drastically reduce your project costs

An E&P company pays the tab for the title running process. Nearly 100% of the associated costs come in the form of billed hours or days. Take unnecessary tasks off your team’s plate.

Time and cost lags in the middle, Tracts eliminates it.
Manage Pro Actively

Take decisive action confidently.

Not only are you greatly reducing your project costs (billed based on time), you are drastically cutting the time necessary to make well-informed company altering decisions before they pass you by.

Tracts Allows You To:

  • Oversee your project in real-time
  • Standardize your process companywide
  • Determine ownership faster
Increase Accuracy

Become more accurate and efficient

With Tracts, the landman reviews the documents on the spot and enters the important information directly into an electronic note card. Each time a new document is entered:

Tracts Automatically:

  • Adjusts the flowchart
  • Recalculates interest
  • Builds the run sheet and all reports
Real-Time Accessibility

Track progress in real-time, whenever and wherever you are.

View up-to-the-minute reports and know where your project stands at all times.

  • 24/7 Accesibility
  • Safe Cloud Based Storage
  • Collaborate with remote colleagues

Ready to Take Control?

Contact Tracts today to understand how it can help get your company ahead of your competition through increasing your productivity, lowering your budget and achieving marketable title faster than ever before.