One Solution. Everyone Wins.

Tracts is built to connect teams and keep Mineral Buyers and E&Ps ahead of the competition by providing a comprehensive one-stop solution that enhances workflow, improves accuracy and facilitates a better way to transfer information between users.

Companies who have used Tracts

E&P Companies

It has never been more important for E&P Companies to gain control over the speed, accuracy, and management of land acquisition. Tracts is the most innovative solution in the market that focuses on eliminating missed opportunities, over extended budgets, and redundant tasks.

Do You Want To...

  • Make Decisions Faster

    Raw data is turned into accurate, usable data in half the time

  • Reduce Project Costs

    Take unnessary tasks off your teams plate

  • Manage Pro Actively

    Evaluate twice the opportunities and choose the strongest options

  • Be In Control At All Times

    View reports and know where your project stands at all times

  • Improve Efficiency

    Projects completed in a centralized cloud based project file

Brokers & Landman

Simplify your workload all while gaining increased accuracy and more clients. Sound Good? By using Tracts, Brokers and Landman can eliminate the cumbersome paper trail, redundant tasks and title running inaccuracies.

Tracts Can Help You...

  • Increase Your Accuracy

    Mineral and leasehold interests are calculated automatically as you enter interpreted data

  • Simplify Your Work Flow

    Record all instruments electronically into the cloud. Ownership flowcharts auto-drawn, making visualization a breeze

  • Out Produce Your Peers

    Runsheets and other reports are generated in real-time

  • Gain More Business

    Double your output and impress your clients with unmatched speed and accuracy

Join Our Community

Join our community of Brokers and Landman to gain insight on the latest news in the land acquisition industry. Additionally, our certification process helps E&P companies connect with Tracts Certified Brokers.


Our proprietary tool was developed with every process of land acquisition in mind. Tracts offers Attorneys the ability to gain an advantage economically without sacrificing quality.
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With Tracts You Can...

  • Offer More Competitive Pricing

    Reduce the resources needed to create a title opinion

  • Eliminate Redundant "Grunt Work"

    Quickly check instruments and reports with PDFs attached to the flowchart

  • Increase Your Quality & Accuracy

    View source documents as you review and mark requirements directly into the master file

  • Work More Efficiently

    Eliminate time consuming tasks and free yourself up to take on more title work